Dr. Gabor Melli

Dr. Gabor Melli

Dr. Gabor Melli

Senior Director of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Sony Playstation (Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc)

Dr. Melli with 2 decades of experience in the delivery of automated data-driven solutions in a technical lead and management capacity with a passion for introducing semantic capabilities into mission critical processes. Dr. Melli has led over twelve large-scale data-driven initiatives at both enterprises ranging from Sony PlayStation, Microsoft, AT&T, T-Mobile, ICBC, Washington Mutual and WalMart, and at start-ups such as Datasage (acquired by Vignette/Open Text), Meals.com, PredictionWorks, VigLink, and OpenGov. He is currently Senior Director of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). He hold a PhD and completed Master of Science from Simon Fraser University and proud alumnus University of British Columbia


Supervised Identification of Concept Mentions and their Linking to an Ontology The 19th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM-2010)

Mapping algorithm with rich relationship expression and higher-order abstraction(Link) Prior Art Database (October 31, 2011)

The invention empowers a non-technical business user to easily establish a central master of product relationship rules. It provides flexibility in the specification of relationship functionality and in the rules for membership in a collection. It implements a higher-order specification (“any” source relates to “same” target) and stores the data efficiently with automatic updates.

Authors, including
  • Gabor Melli Gabor Melli Senior Director of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Sony PlayStation
  • Jerre McQuinn Jerre McQuinn Principal Business Architect at Consulting at Microsoft
  • No photo Shehzad Qureshi
  • No photo George Ngo

PSORTb 3.0: improved protein subcellular localization prediction with refined localization subcategories and predictive capabilities for all prokaryotes – Bioinformatics 2010

Motivation: PSORTb has remained the most precise bacterial protein subcellular localization (SCL) predictor since it was first made available in 2003. However, the recall needs to be improved and no accurate SCL predictors yet make predictions for archaea, nor differentiate important localization subcategories, such as proteins targeted to a host cell or bacterial hyperstructures/organelles.

Authors, including:
  • Gabor Melli Gabor Melli Senior Director of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Sony PlayStation
  • No photo Nancy Yu Bioinformatician
  • No photo James Wagner
  • Matthew Laird Matthew Laird Ensembl Core Developer at EMBL-EBI

Description of SQuASH, the SFU Question Answering Summary Handler for the DUC-2005 Summarization Tas – Proceedings of the Document Understanding Conference (DUC 2005).

This paper describes the design of the SQUASH system, the SFU Question Answering Summary Handler, developed by members of the Natural Language Lab from the SFU School of Computing Science in order to participate in the 2005 Document Understanding Conference (DUC-2005) summarization task.

A Lazy Model-based Algorithm for On-Line Classification – Proceedings of the Third Pacific-Asia Conference on Methodologies for Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (April 1999)

This paper presents a lazy model-based algorithm, named DBPredictor, for on-line classification tasks. The algorithm proposes a local discretization process to avoid the need for a lengthy preprocess stage. Another advantage of this approach is the ability to implement the algorithm with tightly-coupled SQL relational database queries.

Identifying Untyped Relation Mentions in a Corpus given an Ontology – Proceedings of 7th TextGraphs Workshop at ACL-2012

In this paper we present the SDOIrmi text graph-based semi-supervised algorithm for the task for relation mention identification when the underlying concept mentions have already been identified and linked to an ontology. To overcome the lack of annotated data, we propose a labelling heuristic based on information extracted from the ontology. We evaluated the algorithm on the kdd09cma1 dataset

Data Mining Case Studies V – IEEE International Conference on Data Mining

Authors, including:
  • Gabor Melli Gabor Melli Senior Director of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Sony PlayStation
  • Brendan Kitts Brendan Kitts Chief Scientist

Shallow Semantic Parsing of Product Offering Titles (for Better Automatic Hyperlink Insertion) – KDD-2014

With billions of database-generated pages on the Web where consumers can readily add priced product offerings to their virtual shopping cart, several opportunities will become possible once we can automatically recognize what exactly is being offered for sale on each page.