Dr. Venu Gopal Jarugumalli

Dr. Venu Gopal Jarugumalli

Dr. Venu Gopal Jarugumalli

Practice Leader Data Science and Big Data Analytics, Cisco

Dr. Jarugumalli is a seasoned Analytical professional with Economics background served for Hi-tech, Pharma CPG/ FMCG, retail and banking industries. Dr. Jarugumalli has spent 12 + years in Analytics product development and implementation, client consulting and project delivery.

Dr. Jarugumalli is subject matter expert in Manufacturing /Hitech /SASS/cloud based Quality /Customer service / Warranty Analytics/Retail and Pharma modeling.
Advanced statistical procedures/ econometric modeling using software such as SAS/JMP/IBM SPSS/R /Grtel/Phyton and many more free Data analytical tools. Enabled the organization to move up the value chain by presenting a differentiated value proposition to senior executives and securing a ‘seat on the table’ to partner on strategic big bets. Converting ANY business problem into an analytic problem. Converting the analytic solution to business insight. Communicating all these in simple English and. Designed and architected advanced Analytical solutions with minimal It cost with powerful open source tools.
Data Scientist /Cross functional Business Consulting @Cisco Systems, Inc. (WebEx CTG SAAS) – Economics and Loyalty Economics: Leveraging Analytics and Big Data to Drive Revenue and reduce cost -Duality problem in optimization.
Sr. Manager @ hp (Analytics & Research) – Market intelligence ,Customer Advocacy ,Social Media Listening ,Warranty analytic , forecasting, Returns Product quality, Service quality – High end Analytics – Segmentation, SEM, Time series forecasting, Equity estimators, Data mining ,Text mining (Hi tech)
Project Manager @ Evalueserve -Churn modeling, CART & Chaid, Market forecasting Industrial & Financial research(Telecom Industry, Insurance industry, Construction Equipment Manufacturing industry) .
Manager @ KPO & Mahindra Satyam -Sample drop optimization, Multichannel optimization ,Market mix modeling ,DTC data , Physician segmentation Market research , Survey data Analytics, Text Mining (Pharma ,Automobile, Retail, Finance Industries, KPO solutions)


Capital account liberalization and its imapct on Indian economy


November 2005

Determinats of FDI in india

Savings and Development


Timeseries ,Co integration tests , FDI determinants,Multiple regression analysis

FDI flows

How Efficient Are Multinational Firms In Creating Linkages? Evidence from the Indian Automobile Industry



Econometric analysis, panel data, fixed effects random effects, efficiency analysis, frontier functionforward linkages, backward linkages.. automobile industry

Fuel substitutions in fertilizers Industry

Artha vignana


Pannel data logit model, tobit model.

Installed Base analytics

HP BI Conference 2012

September 2012

Comprehensive WIB Database Architecture to consolidate data from multiple systems
Solution Ecosystem Devloped to Facilitate Targeted Warranty Sales To Installed Base & Enable Incremental Revenue Generation by leveraging SAS,JMP,SQL

Warranty and Support services design: Does Competitive intelligence help the global enterprise strategy?

Amity Journal of Competitive Intelligence


Predictive Modeling of Non-compliance Detection

3rd IIMA International Conference on Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics and Intelligence


Keywords: Warranty abuse, non-compliance detection, predictive modeling, Naïve Bayes, Binary data, KVQ clustering