Chief Technology Officer –Vodafone Business Services

Satish Mittal is the Senior Vice President at Vodafone Business Services, the enterprise arm of Vodafone India.

As the Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Business Services, he is responsible for technology, products, and solutions combining network, IT and cloud – all three domains of business excellence.

Satish with 30 years of telecom experience, brings a wide and deep perspective on Technology & Telecom Industry. Currently, Satish is actively working on new technologies and their adoption to B2B segment like Internet of things (IoT), Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud services, and unified communications.

Prior to Vodafone, Satish was responsible for Customer life cycle Management in Reliance communications and Enterprise solutions in Lucent technologies, Singapore.

Satish had been associated in Solutions & consulting to TELCO’s i.e SingTel, NTT, KT, Star Hub, Telstra etc. on VOIP, Unified Communications, FTTH, WiMax, NGN etc.

In addition, Satish is a visiting faculty member in reputed business schools in the country bringing academia and industry together in the newer technology domains e.g. IoT, Analytics, Digital disruption and Customer experience.


Method and System of Crowd Sourcing Data Using Mobile Device

The present invention provides a method for performing analysis on crowdsource data using mobile devices. The method comprises the steps of receiving a query specific function, pushing one or more instances of the query specific function for execution to a set of mobile devices, triggering one or more instances of the query specific function to generate one or more crowdsource data sets associated with the set of mobile devices receiving the one or more crowdsource data sets and analyzing the one or more crowdsource data sets according to the query specific function.